Sandboxing Ansible – Part 3: Vagrant

This is the third part of the guide on sandboxing Ansible. It focuses on using the sample vagrant file to bring up the dev environment. What is Vagrant? Vagrant is a way of automating VM provisioning, OS provisioning, network provisioning, and so much more. According to the Vagrant folks,"Vagrant is a tool for building complete … Continue reading Sandboxing Ansible – Part 3: Vagrant

‘Issue’ with PowerShell PackageManagement

The other day I had to reformat my computer. When I was thinking of all of the software that I needed to install, I had a great idea to try out this new PackageManagement PowerShell module I've heard so much about (formerly known as OneGet). I made my list of software which included things like … Continue reading ‘Issue’ with PowerShell PackageManagement