Exploring the Powershell Alternative to netstat

This post is going to be a very quick rundown of Get-NetTCPConnection, the Powershell cmdlet that serves as a powerful alternative to netstat. Note: In any comparisons I make between netstat and Get-NetTCPConnection, I am referring to the Windows implementation of netstat. Why you might want to use Get-NetTCPConnection Easier to get targetted information by [...]

Exploring the New KEMP SDK

KEMP Technologies has been doing some pretty cool stuff as of late. Not only are they starting to publish code on GitHub, but they also recently released a Python SDK for deploying and administering some of their products. In this post I'll just run through the steps in getting setup to use the SDK and provide [...]

Bulk Remove User(s) from Response Group(s) with Powershell

Removing users from Response Groups can get tedious using the SfB or Lync Control Panel. It's also a bit tedious to use the builtin 'Cs' Powershell commands. I made a short script which which takes any number of users and removes them from any number of groups. If you want to skip this post and just get [...]

Anyconnect ‘issue’ with Hyper-V guests and Enhanced Sessions

I typically use VMs when connecting to customer environments. I do this so that the machine has nothing installed, is on a different network from my home network (I have a special network for secure guests), and also so that I can run my VPN client on it without effecting my other operations. The Problem [...]

Automatically Updating the Edge Public IP in the Topology (home lab)

Having a fully functional Skype for Business home lab is tough. One of the difficulties is labbing an Edge server due to the certificate and public IP requirements. Most people end up skipping the Edge role altogether in their labs, but those who don't skip it end up needing to pay for at least one [...]

Ubiquiti SSH Error with MobaXterm

I ran into an odd issue when trying to SSH to a Ubiquiti Edgeswitch the other day. As soon as I tried to connect to the switch I would get Server sent disconnect message type 2 (protocol error): "Corrupted cipher" Fortunately this has a really quick fix. Just edit the session properties, go the SSH [...]