Sandboxing Ansible – Part 1: Introduction

This is the first part in a series on building a playground for Ansible. At the highest level, Ansible is just a configuration management utility, or as they would say "an automation engine" that works across many different platforms. It's in the same category as Chef, Puppet, DSC, or SaltStack. Ansible in particular has been gaining … Continue reading Sandboxing Ansible – Part 1: Introduction

Testing the AudioCodes 7.2 release

AudioCodes recently released a new firmware version for the SBC line of products. Unlike previous upgrades, release 7.2 is a major change from a user experience standpoint. Things have not been simply re-arranged; this is a complete overhaul. This post is not about the changes in 7.2. Instead it's a 'quick' and dirty guide to getting up … Continue reading Testing the AudioCodes 7.2 release