Sandboxing Ansible – Part 2: Git

This post will be a crash course on using Git. As a reminder from Part 1, Git is being used to fulfill many of the requirements of a sandbox. It provides documentation, mobility, change management, automation, and consistency. It is an integral part of this guide. There are plenty of different ways to use Git. … Continue reading Sandboxing Ansible – Part 2: Git

Sandboxing Ansible – Part 1: Introduction

This is the first part in a series on building a playground for Ansible. At the highest level, Ansible is just a configuration management utility, or as they would say "an automation engine" that works across many different platforms. It's in the same category as Chef, Puppet, DSC, or SaltStack. Ansible in particular has been gaining … Continue reading Sandboxing Ansible – Part 1: Introduction

‘Issue’ with PowerShell PackageManagement

The other day I had to reformat my computer. When I was thinking of all of the software that I needed to install, I had a great idea to try out this new PackageManagement PowerShell module I've heard so much about (formerly known as OneGet). I made my list of software which included things like … Continue reading ‘Issue’ with PowerShell PackageManagement

Windows 10, Vagrant, and VirtualBox

Getting Vagrant working properly on Windows can be a pain. This post is meant to help out people who may be running into issues by providing a couple of potential solutions to some of the most common issues. There's a few cases where I mention specific paths. For simplicity, this whole post assumes that Vagrant … Continue reading Windows 10, Vagrant, and VirtualBox